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The Database

The database contains 30,000 subject specialist librarians in the UK and continental Europe. The database was created in 1989 by a librarian-information specialist (Alan Armstrong), to be a direct channel between UK & continental European specialist librarians and international publishers and information vendors.

Since 1989 the database has grown from strength to strength. The database is used, maintained and updated on a daily basis. We do not give our library data to any outside company. Running our library mailings and email campaigns in-house allows us to maintain the close relationship with the librarian and to achieve greater accuracy with their subject interests. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our library mailing lists and the flexibility that we can bring to individual library mailings and email campaigns.

Our library mailing lists are compiled in three main ways, by Country, Library ‘Type' and Library Subject Interest:


United Kingdom Denmark Ireland Malta Slovakia
Albania Estonia Italy Monaco Slovenia
Austria Finland Kosovo Netherlands Spain
Belgium France Latvia Norway Sweden
Bulgaria Germany Lithuania Poland Switzerland
Croatia Greece Liechtenstein Portugal Turkey
Cyprus Hungary Luxembourg Romania
Czech Republic Iceland Macedonia Serbia

Library 'Type':

Academic, Corporate/Industrial/Commercial, Government, Legal, Main Public Reference, Medical, and Research libraries.

Library Subject Interests (Main Headings):

Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries Energy Law
Arts & Humanities Engineering Leisure, Sport & Travel
Business & Economics Environment Librarianship
Government Affairs Finance, Banking & Taxation Manufacturing
Communications & Media Food, Drink & Nutrition Natural Science
Computing Science Health & Medicine Natural History
Defence & Military International Affairs Public Utilities
Education & Social Science Information Science Transport


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