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Email Campaigns

An email marketing campaign is a fast, efficient and cost effective way to get your promotion into libraries across the UK and continental Europe. We target your chosen selection of libraries with your promotional HTML creative and Text version email. Selections of libraries can be made by subject interest, library type and country. Please contact us for an immediate email list count and quotation.

Your email campaign will be sent by The European Database of Libraries as we do not disclose our email addresses to any third party. The email ‘From' name and address will be ‘The European Database of Libraries'. We offer you the subject line, choice of deployment date and time where possible. We reserve the right to protect the librarian and their inbox from excessive email targeting and therefore may ask that the deployment date or time is altered.

We ask you to allow 5 business days from initial enquiry to enable us to meet your target deployment date. We will send you a test email for you to check that the set up is correct. After review, we ask for your approval before going ahead. Once the email campaign has been sent, we will send you a link to our online, real time reporting page so that you can track open and click through response performance.

Email Campaign service includes:

  • Set up and management of HTML creative into EDL template
  • Set up and management of Text version
  • Management of suppression file
  • Testing
  • Full campaign reporting with link to real time tracking
  • Managing unsubscribe requests (publisher specific)
  • No minimum order quantity
  • No hidden costs

Requirements of your HTML Creative

Please check that your HTML creative adheres to the following requirements:

  • Copy and layout has been checked and checked again
  • Publisher's unsubscribe details have been removed
  • Publisher's header/footer details have been removed (e.g. Add to safe senders, Web View, Forward to a friend)
  • Publisher's physical street address has been included in the message
  • Publisher's privacy policy is accessible from the message or landing page
  • HTML is clean and has not be designed or copied from a word processing package (e.g. Word, Excel, etc)
  • Width of email 600px
  • HTML is supplied with graphics, if required, hosted on your web server / FTP
  • All images are absolute path references to web hosted image files
  • All links are full and absolute paths

Before submitting your HTML creative to us, we ask that you scan it against a recommended spam filter to make sure that it does not score a high spam rating. This will help achieve maximum deliverability for your campaign.

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