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Privacy Policy

The European Database of Libraries Ltd ("we") protects carefully the information provided by users of this website and throughout the activity of the company.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

The following paragraphs set out the basis on which any information provided by you is stored by us, used by us, and protected with integrity. By providing your information you consent to the reasonable and relevant use of the information by this company alone.

Information we collect from you

We collect limited personal information and subject preferences that you provide on this website, sufficient and adequate only to allow us to provide a relevant service to you, aligned to your current professional workplace interests. Information provided by you can be modified by you or deleted altogether at your instruction. No information provided by you is ever sold to, or exchanged with any other person or organisation. Information would only be disclosed if required by law, or with your prior consent. We make every effort to keep information up to date.

The use of information provided to us

The European Database of Libraries provides for publishers and library providers a conduit, both postal and electronic, whereby we ourselves transmit information about printed and electronic publications and services specific to libraries, on behalf of reputable international publishers and providers. What is transmitted by us is always screened and selected to be relevant and pertinent to the recipients' current professional working interests. No personally identifiable information collected on this site is used in any way other than to provide the service offered and acceptable to the information provider.

Data stored by us and selected for transmission will be sent to a single secure IT company who under contractual guarantee will only act to competently transmit that information as instructed by us.

We reserve the right to show a small sample of representative data to a potential customer seeking verification of the pertinence of our database to the needs of that possible new customer. The limited sample information thus shown would be in a format disallowing third party usage.

We may use cookies to analyse geographic spreads and degrees of usage such as page views. Any such aggregated information will be used by the European Database of Libraries to help us to improve our site and the service we provide without disclosure of personally identifiable information.

Our protection of your data and privacy

We have no subsidiaries, partners, affiliates, advertisers, bulletin boards, third party contracts or the like. We therefore have no reason or wish to disclose personally identifiable information. Other than occasional possible disclosure of small and representative and unusable sample data to potential customers, mentioned above, this company is happy to confirm that personal data is never disclosed.

Postal and e-mail transmissions by us on behalf of international publishers and service providers may well include relevant and desirable references to their own and other websites over which we have no control. We are not responsible for the security of personal information disclosed by you to link websites, each of which will have its own privacy policy, and about which you should reassure yourself before imparting personal information to them.

Changes may be made to this privacy policy. Please review our privacy policy from time to time to ensure that it continues to be aligned to your wishes.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988, the data controller is The European Database of Libraries Ltd, Pheasants Coombe House, Pheasants Hill, Hambleden, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, RG9 6SD England

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