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Postal Mailings

We target by post your chosen selection of libraries with your promotional material, mailed by us, either as a Shared or a Solus mailing.

We print the addresses directly onto our envelopes for fulfillment and dispatch.

We ask for your material to be sent to Ms Samantha Carradine at our Henley-on-Thames address at least 2 days before the scheduled mailing date.

We will immediately alert you to the safe arrival of your material to our office.

We can help you further - Printing and Folding


We can quote to print your material with us here, saving you time and shipping costs. We might even better your current printing costs!


We can fold your material to help achieve lower postage costs for you. We charge £9 per 1,000.

Shared Mailings

Solus Mailings

Shared mailings go out at a set price – to a timetable. The set price covers the data, envelopes, printing of addresses, fulfillment and includes the first 30grams of postage.

The price will also be determined by whether you wish material to be mailed at A4 or A5 size. These prices are listed separately on our prices guides which can be reached from the subject browser on the home page. If your material weighs over 30grams, we would calculate the extra postage costs incurred.

Up to 3 publishers share an envelope. Sharing the envelope allows the costs to be shared between the publishers involved, making the shared mailing the most economical way to mail to the library.

Solus mailings are tailored to your specific requirements. They allow us to mail certain countries or library types. They also allow for the selection of a mixture of subject areas into one mailing.

You have the envelope to yourself and of course have the choice of mailing date.

Each library selected and mailed costs you 60p regardless of country.

Included in this price is the data, the envelopes, printing of addresses, and the fulfillment. The postage will be extra depending upon the size and weight of your material.


For more information regarding our postal mailings please contact us.

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